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Services offered by the Museum

Library and Archive of the Museo do Pobo Galego


The Library was set up with the creation of the Museum of Galician People in 1977. As a bibliographical reference point for Galician culture mainly in the field of humanities it supports the research programs and activities of the Museum. It contains 100,000 monographs and more than 2,000 titles of periodicals publications. The funds come mostly from donations (85%) from partners and patrons of the museum as well as from individuals and institutional contributions and exchange (12%) which together constitute the bibliographical cultural heritage of the museum. Of private ownership, but for public use, it was declared a Library of Special Interest in Galicia by the Xunta de Galicia in 2012. It also has the private libraries of:

  • Xoaquín Lorenzo Fernández "Xocas" (Ourense 1907-Lobeira, 1989)
  • Xesús Taboada Chivite (Verín, 1907-1976)
  • Antonio Fraguas Fraguas (Cotobade, 1905- Santiago, 1999)
  • Antonio Rodríguez Fraiz(Cerdedo, 1912- Campañó, 1995)
  • Fermín Bouza Brey (Ponteareas 1901-1973)
  • Manuel Beiras García(Santiago, 1904-1996)
  • Gustavo Santiago Valencia (Ourense, 1924-2008)
  • Familia Baltar (Padrón, c.1790-Santiago, 2005)

together with bibliographical collections, and a number of collections of individual character complete the Library:

  • Historical collection: forms and documents prior to 1800.
  • parchments collection of documents on parchment, s. XII-XVI.
  • Mapping: maps, nautical charts and blueprints, s. XVI-XX.
  • Newspaper Library: Galician Press from 1801 to 2000.
  • Posters: Collection of political propaganda,, cultural and turistic posters.
  • Music: Collection of printed scores, s. XX.
  • FactitiousFlyers and leaflets on various subjects: festival programs, turistic leaflets, Maios couplets, carrnival troupe lyrics, among others.

Family and personal archives:

  • Beiras García, M.Private documents
  • Blanco-Cicerón, Ricardo Private documents
  • Fraguas Fraguas, A.Private documents
  • García-Orellán, R. (research documents 1960-2013)
  • Lorenzo Fernández, X. Private documents
  • Pérez Rúa, M. (political documents, 1970-1985)
  • Rodríguez Fraiz, A. Private documents
  • Sáez Ponte, E. ((political documents, 1970-2000)
  • Familia Fernández ( family and notary doc. ,1650-1976)
  • Familia Miranda (Family documents and functions 1628-1855)
  • Familia Felpeto (notary and private documents, 1770-1950)
  • Familia Martul-Tobío (private files,, 1936-1950)
  • Familia García-Martí, (correspondence, 1938-1940)

institutions / associations Files:

  • Unidade Galega (1960-1990)
  • Club Nacionalista Alén Nós

business files:

  • La Artística-Alonarti-Vigo (cash books, receipts and commercial orders (1960-1990)
  • Fundicións Franco-Santiago (receipts and commercial orders)


  • Free access
  • Loan room (or homeloan, restricted to members of the Museum)
  • Attention to on-site queries, phone, postal mail and e- mail
  • Bibliographical guidance and advice on the use of documents.
  • OPAC catalogue and network through the wep page of the Museum.
  • Copy service ( Limitation of reproduction according to the work requested. This service bears a cost to the user ) .
  • Guided tours and other activities of dissemination or pedagogical nature

Opening Times

  • From tuesday to thursday: from 10.00-14.00 and from 16.00-19.00 hours
    Mondays and Fridays: by appointment
  • Correo electrónico:
  • Tfno.: 981-58-36-20
  • Responsable: Rosa M° Méndez García

Access to the on-line library

Library hours

Museum Opening Hours

From Tuesday to Thursday:
from 10.00-14.00 and 16.00-19.00 horas

Monday to Friday:
by appointment

Xunta de galicia, Consellería de Cultura e Deporte

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