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The partners form one of the main pillars of the museum and provide the means by which the general public can participate in its life and make it an institution for all Galicians. Through the general assembly, which is held annually in the first half of May, the partners elect 10 representatives to the Board of Trustees for a period of four years. Of these 10 representatives, two are elected to represent the partners on the Governing Board, the executive body of the entity.

The Museum has three classes of partners:

Ordinary Partnerscan be individual

s or institutional. This class of partnership is acquired at the request of the person or entity concerned and apart from the corresponding rights (free admission, receipt of information on the scheduled activities, store discounts on museum publications and the right to participate in the activities organized for members), they also help in achieving the goals of the museum through membership fees which can be paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually, according to the established fee *. The membership fee entitles partners to tax relief..

Guardian Partners.are those physical or legal entities who, for their special support for the Museum are designated as such by the Trustees. They receive a Diploma, and have priority of use the facilities of the Museum for cultural or corporate activities and, among other advantages, enjoy the corresponding tax benefits..

Sponsor Partner. Are those natural or legal individuals who , due to the relevance of their support for the Museum, are designated as such by the Trustees.Sponsor Partners receive a Diploma and have priority in using the facilities of the Museum for cultural or corporate activities, organizing a company's annual visit and also the corresponding tax benefits, among other advantages.

Both guardian and sponsor partners are recognized as such in museum access , the Web and ADRA, the magazine of the partners.

To contact the representatives of partners or to make suggestions, please contact the email account

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Minimum annual fee
  • Individual partner, 30 euros
  • Junior Partner (under 18) 11 euros
  • Institutional partner, 150 euros
* fee payment entitles to tax relief

Partners Rights

  • Free entrance:
  • Receive regular feedback and announcements
  • Receive informative publications
  • Home lending library and a video library
  • 40% discount on scientific publications of the Museum


  • Temporary exhibitions loan
  • Loan of materials for exhibitions and activities
  • Shipment of publications and educational materials to public libraries.
  • Organización de visitas dirigidas para colectivos
  • Advice on ethnographic material for the museum and exhibitions


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To facilitate communication between partners and institutions, cut down on the use of paper and delivery costs, and simplify the administrative work, the Museum has an e-mail distribution list. People who have this utility must apply for inclusion on the list by sending a message to administration,

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