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Services offered by the Museum


Prizes awarded to the Galician People Museum:


  • Fernández Latorre Award, from the Santiago Rey Fernández-Latorre Foundation. The award valued the commitment of the Museum to promote the research, conservation, dissemination and defense of the material and immaterial culture of Galicia.
  • San Martiño Prize for Linguistic Normalization, in the category 'All a life' in the defense of the Galician language, granted by the Cultural Association O Brado da Estrada.


The 40th anniversary of the inauguration of the Museum of the Galician People was the occasion for the award of five notable awards:
  • Cornamuse of honor of the Atlantic Festival for 40 years keeping the memory of Galicia.
  • Adolfo Enríquez honorary award from the Raigame ethnographic pilgrimage, co-organized by the Provincial Council of Ourense and the City Council of Celanova.
  • Medal "Amigo da Solaina" of the Paco Lareo Foundation "A Solaina", for the trajectory for our culture.
  • Alecrín Prize of the Federation of Galician Cultural Entities in Catalonia in the category of Cultural Institutions.
  • Serenity of Radio Galicia-SER Award, recognition to individuals, companies and entities that with their work contribute in a significant way to raise Galicia in different fields of activity


  • Pedrón de Ouro, awarded by the Pedrón de Oro Foundation on the 50th anniversary of its foundation, on the merit of the commitment of the Museo do Pobo Galego to the historical-anthropological heritage of Galicia. This recognition is linked to the 25th anniversary of the death of Xaquín Lorenzo Fernández, a singular member and vice-president who was from the Pedrón de Oro and meaning MPG promoter.


  • 2013 Trofeo Galeguidade ;Galeguidade Trophy 2013 awarded by the Enxebre Orde da Vieira .
  • Medal of Honor of the Royal Galician Academy of Fine Arts, in recognition of the struggle that our institution has been carrying out in fields of research, preservation, dissemination and promotion of Galician culture in all areas, with special importance to anthropological aspects of the Galician people.
  • Gold Medal awarded by the Centro Galego of Barcelona
  • The Moncho Valcarce Brotherhood Award for promotion of the galician homeland, and promoting our identity in all fields that identify us as a people.


  • 2012 Premio de Defensa dos Bens Comúns de la Fundación Luis Tilve. Awarded by the Luis Tilve Foundation for the active defence of the cultural and artistic heritage of Galicia.


  • Premio Nacional da Cultura Galega.National Prize of Galician Culture popular for the work of cultural outreach the Museum has been doing for thirty years.


  • Medalla de Oro de Santiago de Compostela al Mérito cultural Gold medal Santiago de Compostela Cultural Merit awarde unanimously by MUNICIPAL Corporation of Compostela.


  • Premio de Cultura Tradicional María Castaña. María Castaña Traditional Culture Prize for institutions
  • Medalla de las Aulas no Camiño. Medal organized by the University of A Coruña.
  • Homenaje "Os bos e xenerosos".Tribute " The Good and Generous " Writers Association in Galician Language


  • Premio Irmandade do Libro.Irmandade Book Award awarded by the Federation of Booksellers in Galicia.


  • Premio “La Voz del Año de la Cultura”, del Grupo Voz en Santiago.Awarded by "Voice of Culture Year " Voice Group in Santiago de Compostela, a cultural institution with which all Galicians are identified and recognized as a people.


  • Medalla de Oro the Association do Traxe Galego.Gold Medal of the Association og Galician Costume , in recognition of the work of the Museum for the traditional costume and the importance and continuity of the cooperation projects and programs of the Association.


  • III Certamen de Vídeo do Mar Cidade de Viveiro. In the III Video Contest Vivero , a documentary Coastal Fishing, published in 1994 awarded in the category of educational documentary .


  • Premio ADELPHA. Adelpha Award in recognition of the work done on behalf of the study and dissemination of popular culture .


  • Medalla de Oro. Gold Medal of the Galician Folklore Workshop in Santiago de Compostela for cultural work .


  • Premio de la Crítica de Galicia. Critics Award of Galicia , for cultural initiatives , the creation of a centre to recover and enhance the voice of our culture, what characterizes and constitutes our being in the world and our way of life .

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